Chemical peels exfoliate the outermost layers of skin, and are intended to stimulate collagen and healthy skin cells resulting in a radiant complexion. Chemical peels can reduce discolouration caused by sun damage and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to give a smoother, more softer appearance to the skin. At Melanie Collins Aesthetics we offer a wide range of peels to reveal a new radiant you, including wow peels and Uber Peels by Dermaceuticals .

WOW Peels

Wow peels

Chemical peels are a great stand alone treatment or can work synergistically alongside other treatments offered by the clinic. Chemical peels can be used to treat a variety of conditions including acne, fine lines and wrinkles, textual and pigmentation irregularities, scarring and overall rejuvenation.

Wow offers a choice of 4 peels that blend active ingredients at different percentages to treat various skin issues.

Glow Peel

The high exfoliating properties in the glow peel noticeably correct early signs of ageing and visibly improves dullness, rough texture, uneven skin tone and promote a revived complexion for the ultimate skin appearance.

Bright Peel

The Wow brightening peel combines powerful acids with excellent brightening properties to improve an uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation and dullness creating a perfectly flawless complexion.

Clarify Peel

The Wow clarifying peel is specially designed for oily, mixed and acne-prone skin. Formulated with an acid blend including salicylic acid, this peel clarifies the skin, reduces excess sebum and refines the appearance of pores and skin imperfections.

Resurface Peel

The Wow resurfacing peel is formulated with an impressive list of high performance acids to correct visible sign sof ageing. It helps improve the appearance of several skin conditions, including fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, rough texture and a dull complexions.

Time 1 hour
Cost 1 treatment is £55 Course of 6 treatments £300

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Obagi Blue Peel

Obagi Blue peel radiance

Is a minimally invasive effective medical grade salicylic acid based peel. It is proven to tighten, brighten and improve the appearance of acne, acne scarring, mild to moderate pigmentation and uneven skin tone and texture. It exfoliates, improving your overall complexion revealing fresh, radiant and revived skin.

Single peel £90

Course of 3 £250

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Aqua Facials

An Aquafacial is delivered by a machine that provides an all in one multi layer facial treatment, combining 4 technologies, deep cleansing, radio frequency, skin tightening, galvanic muscle toning and ultrasound.

The deluxe Aquafacial is a great treatment to help those with a wide range of skin concerns including acne, pigmentation, black heads and congested pores, dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

The facial will brighten dull complexions, improve uneven skin tones, and tighten and lift your skin.

This is all achieved in conjunction with glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid. The treatment removes excess oil and dirt from your pores, then hydrates and infuses antioxidants into the skin.

The treatment takes approximately 1 hour with no downtime, discomfort or pain, letting you leave the clinic with an instant refreshed glow.

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