Polynucleotides are a new concept of regenerative medicine, which promotes cell turnover, improves skin elasticity and hydration, heals sun-damaged skin, and improves photoaging and acne scarring, giving a more nourished, healthy, and revitalised complexion.

Polynucleotide injections contain natural DNA fractions that attract water molecules, improving skin hydration. They also have anti-free radical properties and act as a scavenger of OH hydroxyl radicals which tend to accumulate due to stress, cell damage or external agents such as UV rays. Once the DNA fractions are filtered and ultra-purified, they stimulate the production of fibroblasts in the body, resulting in increased collagen and a thicker, healthier epidermis. The results can be seen just 5 weeks and can last up to 1 year when a top up treatment is required. Polynucleotides can increase collagen up to 47% in 23 days and help create a thicker and healthier epidermis with measured improvements of 52% in 23 days. Thanks to their antioxidant properties, Polynucleotides can reduce inflammation, restore youthful volume and hydration to the skin, and provide numerous other benefits, such as combating general signs of ageing, acne, scarring, rehydration for dull skin at any age, rosacea, loose and sagging skin, alopecia/hair loss, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and deep lines and wrinkles.

Polynucleotides yield far more natural results, than other injectable treatments, and carry a lot less risk They are as close to natural as possible and yield benefits such as improved skin texture, improved skin discolouration and small increases in volume and tightness – especially under the eyes. All that collagen-boosting, extra hydration and elasticity means you can think of polynucleotides as a super-charged injectable moisture treatment. They can be a preventative treatment for younger skin, or a recovery treatment for ageing skin.

Treatment regime:

3 treatments based 3 weeks apart with minimal downtime.

Cost Single Plinest £225 / Course of 3 £650 3 weeks apart

Cost single Newest £225 /Course of 3 £650 3 weeks apart

Cost single Plenhyage XL strong £250 / Course of 3 £725 3 weeks apart

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