HArmonyCA is an advanced injectable hybrid dermal filler - the latest to complement Allergan's Juvederm range. It combines the benefits of traditional HA (Hyalauronic acid ) fillers with calcium hydroxyapatite spheres. The effects of these two ingredients is an immediate visible lift to your face and long term lifting through collagen synthesis through activating fibroblasts.

HArmonyCA is ideal for crepiness, hollowness and mainly targets the mid facial zones and the side of the face, delivering an immediate lifted result. HArmonyCa is an ideal treatment for patients with lower face laxity and wrinkles to the sides of the face, especially when smiling. HArmonyCA is also an ideal treatment for patients lacking volume due to ageing resulting in jowls. HArmonyCa is injected into both sides of the face at a superficial level. As a result, new collagen fibres may be present as early as one week following treatment, and improvements continue up to 3-5 months post administration of the product.

The HArmonyCa treatment is performed using a cannula (a blunt needle). It means fewer needle pricks and safer delivery compared to needles. It is a superficial procedure in the under-layer of the skin on the side of the face. The treatment is administered within the hour and due to the lidocaine within the product, the treatment is comfortable with minimal pain. One treatment consists of the application of 2 syringes of HArmonyCa (2×1.2ml). HarmonyCA treatment can be repeated in 6 -12 months’ time, but results should last 18-24 months.

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If you are looking for a treatment that can give you both instant results and long-term benefits, HArmonyCA is definitely worth considering. To book in for a consultation please click on the book now link. Or if you have a question, fill in the enquiry form.